Amazon and Ford-backed Rivian Battles Losses to Launch IPO for Elevator Scenario

Amazon and Ford-backed Rivian Battles Losses to Launch IPO for Elevator Scenario post thumbnail image

On a recent edition of “This Week in Fortune” magazine, reporter NicoleUTE talked about an interesting story about the electric vehicle company (Elite), and the Amazon-funded Blue Valley Electric Corporation. The story indicates that both Amazon and Ford-backed Rivian battles losses to launch major IPO for electric vehicle. If this is true, it will be great news for electric vehicle enthusiasts everywhere. Indeed, I was just as excited as Nicoleute was when I first read the article. Here’s what I learned:

– Amazon had been shopping around the concept of an electric vehicle for years, but had never taken off. One reason they hadn’t – they thought it would be too expensive to get into a business like electric vehicle technology, and too difficult to compete in the auto-industry. It also took too long, and cost too much. They finally decided to go ahead with it – but only after Ford had invested $1 billion into Blue Valley Automobile Company.

– The reason the electric car company backed by Amazon and Ford was that it was so sure it could compete in the auto-manufacturing market. Blue Valley Automobile was valued at less than two billion dollars. That investment was seen as a giant step into the tech sector, and ultimately into the autonomous car realm. Ford and Amazon see huge potential in the company – and that means huge potential for their own electric vehicle line. Of course, there’s still a lot of work to do before we’ll actually see a product available on the market – but the fever of excitement is understandable.

– Amazon also sees a future where people have access to Whole Foods. It’s already popular in urban areas, and many grocery shoppers live nearby. If electric cars can do it in cities, and Whole Foods can deliver it to those locations, it could revolutionize the delivery system. Think about how amazing it would be to order a fresh juice and have it delivered to your door the next day. Even better, if you’re a health nut, you’d be excited about the fact that you could have fresh organic food delivered to your home instead of having to drive all over town to the store.

– The other interesting thing about this story is the kind of loss Amazon expects. Though it’s not clear how much it will lose, the financial analysts who have this information haven’t put it into the public eye yet. This is probably one of the wisest things they could do considering how uncertain the future of the electric vehicle market looks. Many companies betting on electric vehicles are taking a very large loss right now – and even their research and development budgets may not be enough. If the electric vehicle market tanks, these companies stand to lose a lot.

Does the story end with Amazon looking to ride the wave of instability to a recovery and strong future? I’m not sure – but it looks like they may need to. Either way, it looks like a fascinating battle for control of an industry that will shape the future of cities forever. If you’d like to discuss this exciting topic, please feel free to drop me a line. I’d be happy to chat.

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