Nevada brothels tips on best ways to make sex last longer

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Everyone wants to last longer in bed, but most of you have the problem with premature ejaculation or you get arouse and eject faster than you want. According to experienced las vegas nevada brothels, there are several ways and techniques which you can use to make sex last longer. Here are some brothels recommended the best ways to make sex last longer


  • Mind control:- Controlling mind or delaying the arousal point can help you in making sex last longer. Mind control involves the edging process in which you train your mind to delay the orgasm point.


  • Use prom scent or scientific ways:- There are several scientific ways which you can prefer using next time in bed. A scientifically designed product like benzocaine spray or condoms which slows down your ejaculation process by reducing the penis nerve sensitivity.


  • Condoms thicker condoms:- Everywhere you go, there are advertisements of thinnest condoms that don’t even feel but using a thick condom can actually help you in longer sex. Thicker condoms reduce the number of sensations you feel during sex. They provide better protection from pregnancy and STDs. Using thicker condoms can increase your sex time by 40%.


  • Experiment with positions:- Our mind wants new experiences every time thus, having sex in the same old positions trains the mind to ejaculate fast. By experimenting with new techniques and positions during sex can make you last longer.


  • Medications:- Medications like Viagra slow down your ejaculation process making you last longer in bed. They are best for occasional use but using it is recommended to consult with a urologist and get properly prescribed medication if premature ejaculation becomes an issue causing relationship problems.


  • Masturbate before sex:- Masturbating one or two hours before sex, increases the time of next arousal making arousal harder. Masturbating before sex helps men in building slow arousal during sex making them last longer.


  • Improve Cardio Health:- Better cardio health has a big impact on your sex life. Improving cardio health helps boost metabolism, release endorphins, which reduces stress levels in men and improve blood circulation. Improving cardio health reduces the chances of premature ejaculation and helps in increasing the time of lasting in sex.


  • Have more foreplay:- Having more foreplay during sex not only makes sex last longer but according to nevada brothels, Foreplay works better in getting a good orgasm and at the same time makes sex last longer leaving both of you satisfied. Kissing, oral sex and using sex toys increases your sex duration which builds confidence and trains you to ejaculate slower and last longer in bed.


Following these tips and techniques, You can easily Make sex last longer as these are techniques which used by professionals and nevada brothels use.



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